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Locksmith in San Jose, CA

Our company delivers fast and efficient locksmith services across in the Greater San Jose CA Area. Our lock and key specialists are available 24/7 to serve you at any location.

Shop Address At : 1100 Saratoga Ave, San Jose, CA, 95129


We have licensed personnel to give you the services you need at the time you require, even by appointment. Whether it’s for your business, house, or car, we’ll provide security maintenance and installation. Do you require a lock change at your home or office? A new transponder key for your luxury vehicle? We offer all these services and thousands more.

Your total confidence, comfort, and peace of mind will not be met without having proper security hardware installed by a licensed professional. Sleep better at night knowing your office, home, and vehicle are secure. Good security greatly reduces theft and bodily harm. Security will also increase employee productivity by developing a sense of professionalism and comfort.

Many of our professional technicians offer mobile locksmith services. They work from the comfort of their professional vehicle, saving you a trip to the storefront. Our mobile technicians make replacement keys, change door locks, and even setup security systems with the tools and materials available inside their custom van. We provide a wide variety of products and services to protect your family and employees, including both installation and maintenance of locks and security systems.

Emergency Locksmiths Available 24 Hours A Day

You never know when you may need an emergency locksmith. There is nothing as frustrating as locking yourself out of your car, home, or office and it is something we have all done at least once in our lives.

There are new types of locks these days where you don’t need a key; keyless entry pads are accessed either through a code or thumbprint. Then with newer cars if you should lock yourself out, all you have to do is call customer service give a password and they can unlock your car within seconds via a computer. But even with all these convenient methods available to us, there will be times when you absolutely need an emergency locksmith. Sometimes it may be that you simply lost your keys or the lock on the door is old and broken. These are the times you will need the assistance of a locksmith.

Luckily for us, an emergency locksmith is always available; there are locksmiths available 24 hours a day. Depending on how elaborate your locks are or if it is an entire security system you are having problems with will determine the cost of repair, also if it is the middle of the night you may find the cost coming out to be a little more expensive.

Due to development in technology, a lot of locksmiths have had to specialize in certain areas of their profession to be able to keep up with the more intricate devices being used. They have to be certified in certain areas and if they are a Master Locksmith this means they are specialized in all areas of their field. Another time you may need an emergency locksmith is if there has been a burglary in your home or office and you need to secure the building for the rest of the night.

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